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Protects and Beautifies
In the Harshest Conditions

SEMCO Teak Products


Teakwood with the beauty of its grain, rich color and timeless durability, is treasured as the best suited wood for use aboard boats, as decking on ships and the choice material for premiere outdoor furniture.  However, these uses present the harshest of environments.  Over time, the sun and weather will cause surface erosion leading to discoloration, mildew, graying, roughness and checking.  The desire to prevent this ravage of the elements without becoming a "teak slave" gave birth to SEMCO Teak Care Products.  An initial 2-coat application of SEMCO will protect the wood for an entire season, unlike most sealers and oils.  Then a single re-coat at seasonal intervals will keep your teak in great condition for many years.


Water Proofs Decking,  Quick Drying,  UV Protection,  Eliminates Deep Cleaning,  Prevents Mildew,  Holds Through Season

Contact Information

Semco Teak Products, Inc.

Postal address
P. O. Box 323
          Phoenix, Maryland 21131
Electronic mail
General Information: serra_semco@msn.com
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