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Semco Coverage:  Approximately 8-10 pieces of furniture per gallon for initial 2-coat application.  First coat will cover approximately 200 square feet; second coat will cover approximately 400 square feet per gallon. 

Teak Sealer:   Qty. Extension

                                 Qty. Extension

    Teak cleaner Set:                           Qty. Extension

CLEAR COAT:                                     Qty. Extension

CABLE & FENDER CLEANER:     12 oz.  @ $15.75       Qty. Extension

                 TEAK SLAVE KIT:        Qty. Extension
If a color is not selected, your order will be filled using Honeytone.

        NEW FURNITURE KIT:        Qty. Extension
If a color is not selected, your order will be filled using Honeytone.

Teak Care Kit:                                     @ $23.60     Extension

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